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Launch of our new website!

We are pleased to announce that we launched our new website!

When we established Africarvings we reached customers by going to auctions and displaying our art in local galleries. This was around the time when listing your business in the yellow pages and buying ad space in newspapers was enough for you to get customers.

The way we got customers was a lot about knocking door-to-door and getting your name out there by networking with people which is still a great way to reach customers. At least the networking bit.

As we started building a client list, our customers asked us to see a catalogue of our art collection. At the time we made a simple word document with pictures and emailed it to our customers. Internet was very slow back then so we could only provide low quality photographs of our art collection. An alternative was literally mailing a catalogue to our customer list. This was very expensive to do.

Trying to find a better solution some of our competitors had websites. This seemed like the best solution to our problem. Customers view updated collection pieces through our website.

Websites were massive investments. We paid an arm and a leg for our first website and for 2004 it was great. Websites back then was all about flashy colour gradients. At the time it perfect for our business.

Business was booming but as time went by we got less and less people contacting us to by art pieces. We didn’t know it at the time but we put a lot more focus in the old way of marketing. As a result we completely neglected our website. Our website was outdated and because we spent a fortune building it the first time we didn’t feel we wanted to go through the same process.

Inevitably times changed and business went down. A lot. Our competitors however were doing very well and when we took a deeper look we found that business came from having a website.

It was time to get a new design, so we did! We hope you enjoy our new website just as much as we do. Thank you to Kreonovo for helping us redesign our new website.

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